Icebergs (ep)

by Achokarlos

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released January 29, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Achokarlos Cartagena, Spain

Hi! It´s Achokarlos!
This is my page for my solo project, where I release my own music, covers and all music I make on my own.

I also play in the following bands:
-The Great Southern (Pantera Tribute band)
- Robot Porn (Dubstep metal

I´m session musician aswell so I´m involved y many other projects not mentioned here.
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Track Name: New Mustache
What do I feel? I feel strange today, something happens,
Perhaps is just me, or just something else, nothing's the same
Hey, Why people stare at me? What are they looking at?
I'm not sure if is that a good thing or a bad thing, Let's see...

What do I have on my face? Is it a tumour? What is this new power I feel?

Something has grown on my upper lip, I can touch it!
I can not say it smells, neither taste it, what is it?
Hey, I've got an idea, Let's take a mirror in which to look at me.
Aww see....Now I can see what is it about, Is a mustache!

Now birds stands on my arms when I sing at them,
Now cabs stops when I call them to go anywhere,
Ladies speak to me now instead spitting on me,
Now I get paid each time I give a music show,
My kids call me dad and my neighbor kids too,
But something happens again, now my face hair falls.

My mouth burns, I need a doc, something bad happens right now to me,
My head explodes, I can feel a malignant cancer is consuming me.
Track Name: I told you so
You are the smart one, there is no more truth than yours
You never make mistakes, are the others who are wrong
You never listen to, you don´t care what others say
Is your word so powerful, people must obey yourself.

But what happens if you meet someone who puts you in your place?
Tells you where you have to be, tells you what you have to do.

You realized you´ve always been wrong, Is time to hear "I told you so".
Track Name: Icebergs
What do we see?
Surrounded by icebergs peaks all around,
A world behind awaits just for a few of us,
The chosen ones who watch the universe from a stellar throne making all happens.